Allison Bjerklie Artwork

Producing artwork is somewhat of a therapeutic thing for me. At a young age I was introduced to the world of photography by my grandfather. He is also a photographer. The art world has since exploded for me. My ideas and imagery tend to center around nature, family, and wanderlust. When coming up with an idea for a photograph or a print I find myself sketching the same idea over and over until it has processed in my mind. Artwork can take me seconds to create like a photographic opportunity which I happily stumble upon or months at a time in the case of my printmaking.

After high school I started at Elgin Community College where I took photography courses and, on a recommendation from my high school art teacher, printmaking classes. My first printmaking class proved to be the boost my artwork needed to make it successful and understandable. Since then, I have been focusing on linking my passion for photography and the techniques of printmaking to make artwork. 

This Fall I will begin my junior year at Northern Illinois University as a printmaking student. I hope to continue to learn new techniques and extend my artistic capabilities in photography and printmaking.